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Radha Soami Beas philosophy, based on the teachings of mystics from all religions, has had its main centre at Dera Baba Jaimal Singh near the river Beas in northern India (Punjab) since 1891. RadhaSoami Satsang Beas means lord of the soul’, and satsang at Beas describes a group that seeks truth for the reunion of Soul with God. Radha Soami is not a religion or movement but it is a science that deals with the unification of aatma (soul) with Parmatma (Almighty God).Radha Swami Satsang Beas (RSSB, near River Beas) was founded by Baba Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj in 1891 at a site called Dera.

Radha Soami Satsang Beas

Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB), with centres located worldwide, is a registered non-profit, charitable society, independent of any political or commercial affiliations. 'Radha Soami (at River Beas)' means 'lord of the soul' , and ‘satsang’ describes a group that seeks truth.

Radha Soami

RadhaSoami Beenti Aur Prarthana Ke sabd

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Karoon benati do'u kar jori
Araz suno Radha Swami Mori.
Sattapurush tum Satguru Daata
sab jeevan ke pitaah aur maata..more...

Radha Soami at river beas is a complete name in itself. Baba Jaimal Singh Ji was one of the real Saint who over a period of about nineteen years came to be regarded as spiritual successors of Seth Shiv Dayal Singh Ji- founder of Radha Soami Community, often referred to as Sant Mat, the teachings of the Saints.
The five other Radha Soami successor lineages help show the connections among many of the Sant Mat guru lines and branches. The RSSB lineage of spiritual leaders with the dates of their births, deaths, and tenures is as follows:



Radha Soami Guru Beas Successions

Baba Jaimal Singh Ji Maharaj(1836 - 1903): 1893 - 1903
Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj(1858 - 1948): 1903 - 1948
Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh Ji Maharaj(1886 - 1951): 1948 - 1951
Maharaj Ji Charan Singh Grewal(1918 - 1990): 1951 - 1990
Baba Gurinder Singh Ji Maharaj(1954 - ): 1990 - present

Baba Jaimal Singh JI Maharaj was one of six people who over a period of about nine years came to be regarded as spiritual successors of Maharaj Shiv Dayal Singh Ji, the first Satguru of Radhasoami Faith, often referred to as Sant Mat, a movement of Surat Shabd(Sabd) Yoga which includes esoteric teaching about the Shabd(Sabd).

Self Realization Before God Realization

Radha Swami (at River Beas) teachnig directly deals with the Path of the Masters and The Path of Love.
Radha Soami Satsang Beas "is a scientific method of … [God realization] within us, while we are still living in the here and now," according to Great Satguru Maharaj Charan Singh Ji , the previous Living Master. It is "a school of practical spiritual training for God realisation" and "does not consist of any rites, rituals, ceremonies, dogmas, priesthood, or church or temple worship."

"Living in the world and discharging all our obligations towards wife, children, relatives, friends, and humanity, we have simply to turn our heart Godward. The Radha Soami saints' teachings are very simple. They say that all the woe, misery, and anguish that is the lot of the human race are due to our sad separation from God. This world, which we love so much, is not our true home." "Unless [the soul] returns to its ancient original home, its sorrows and sufferings cannot and will not end. For this purpose, it need not seek anywhere outside of itself. Our body is the temple within which the Lord resides."

RadhaSoami Dhyan: Surat Sabd Yog

"Second is dhyan, or contemplation on the immortal form of the Master. This helps in keeping the attention fixed at that centre. "Third is bhajan, or listening to the Anahad Shabd or celestial music that is constantly reverberating within us. With the help of this divine melody, the soul ascends to higher regions and ultimately reaches the feet of the Lord.

Radha Soami Satsang Beas, a Spiritual Centre in Northern India Beas (Punjab), their teachings and philosophies are really amazing and based on the scientific methods rather than just only belief or superstitions. A human being can attain true salvation by just following their paths, which basically includes, leading a moral life and practicing the "Paanch Naam". Radha Soami is not a myth or a way adopted from any superstitions but it's a scientific approach for the true Seekers of truth and salvation.

"Pratham sant satsang suhana, Sadhu sang se upaje gyana.
Duji bhakti param sukhdata, Chitt laga sun meri ghatha.
Taj abhiman karo guru seva, Bhramha Vishnu shiv sam guru deva.
Ho niskapat mera gun gayan, Kare so pave raam rasayan.
Drid vishvas rakh nij antar, Raam mantra kar jaap nirantar.
Indriya vash kar charit sambhalo, Sadgun dhar dharm neet palo"


Radha Swami

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